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Updated: Feb 26

Caffeine supplements are extremely cheap, yet highly effective pre-workout products.

They amplify your energy, increase your focus and improve your performance

Caffeine is a main ingredient in many popular pre-workout powders.

It’s just that taking pure caffeine as a workout stimulant is such an obvious idea that many weight trainees never even consider it.

What Is Caffeine?

Did you know that caffeine is the world’s favorite psychoactive stimulant?

That’s right. Caffeine – the stuff in your coffee, tea and soda – is actually a full-blown, raging drug! You junkie, you.

Scientifically speaking, caffeine is a xanthein alkaloid.

This is just a fancy name for a specific class of chemical compounds, which have similar molecular structures and function as mild central nervous system stimulants. They also act as bronchodilators, but that’s beyond our focus.

Caffeine is a natural compound found in coffee and cocoa beans; guarana berries; kola nuts; as well as tea, yerba maté, yaupon holly and guayusa leaves.

People have been enjoying its energizing and uplifting effects for many thousands of years.

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The first connoisseurs of caffeine may have actually been from the stone age, and they would have simply chewed on tea leaves to get a very light buzz…

…Crude, yes. But let’s be serious, you can’t expect too much from cavemen.

The brewing of tea wasn’t “discovered” until as late as 3000 years ago in China. And the brewing of coffee most likely wasn’t around until the 1450s AD, if not later.

Caffeine, itself, wasn’t discovered until 1820, when a German chemist isolated it from coffee. Without knowing it had been done already, a few French chemists also made the same discovery the very next year.

So you can thank everyone – from the 19th century chemists to your cave-dwelling stone age ancestors – for promoting the use of caffeine and discovering evermore convenient and efficient means for its consumption.

Benefits of Caffeine Supplements

There many desirable benefits to be had from taking caffeine supplements; specifically Below is a list of some of the benefits most relevant to weight trainees:

.Get Amped & Focused. Caffeine fills you with energy. Obviously this makes you more energetic, but it also heightens your alertness and ability to focus. You can zero-in on whatever task you set out to do. In our case, that would be working out. Your mental energy is concentrated on performing lifts with precision and tenacity. Distractions blur into the background, or disappear altogether.

Perform Better. Better mental focus, as mentioned above, obviously plays a role in performance. However, the performance enhancing benefits of caffeine extend beyond the mental realm. It affects you physically, too. It not only delivers a profound rush of energy, but it also delays muscular fatigue. This gives you noticeably better endurance and stamina. In application, the result is that you can pump out a couple more reps during a set (using moderate weights/reps; not extra heavy weight/low reps) than would otherwise be possible, before the delayed fatigue response sets in.

Get Shredded. Caffeine elevates the amount of epinephrine (i.e. adrenaline) circulating in your system. This, in turn, increases the rate of lipolysis, or fat mobilization. Fat mobilization refers to the process whereby free fatty acids break away from the larger triglyceride molecule. This raises your body’s levels of free fatty acids. The increased levels of free fatty acids leads to a higher rate of fat oxidation, or the “burning” of fat for energy. If not for the caffeine, you would be relying more heavily on glycolysis, or the use of glycogen (a carbohydrate-based energy store), for energy. Thus, caffeine enables you to burn more fat

.Burn Calories. In the previous bullet point, I already discussed that caffeine causes your body to burn a greater proportion of fat for its energy needs. But on top of that, caffeine actually causes you to burn more total calories. It does this in two different ways. First, it speeds up your metabolism. And second, it raises your non-exercise activity thermogenesis (NEAT), which refers to extra calories burned because the caffeine makes you move around more (e.g. tapping your foot, fidgeting, pacing, etc.). A double whammy.

Tame Your Appetite. Caffeine has been shown to suppress appetite. You can use this as a strategic tool for blunting hunger and limiting daily caloric intake. This is especially helpful on a cutting diets. However, it’s also useful when bulking because it can prevent overconsumption and fat gain. As your caffeine tolerance grows, however, the appetite suppressing effect unfortunately dissipates.

Potential Caffeine Side Effects

Health experts, almost unilaterally, agree that caffeine is a safe substance.

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