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Add to herbal smoke mixes or Teas Lyme and other tick-borne illnesses come with a host of debilitating symptoms which, over the long term, can progress to affecting neurological and cognitive function. These illnesses are notoriously difficult to treat and can greatly diminish quality of life. Anything that can make a dent in these otherwise intractable conditions would be most welcome among doctors and their Lyme-affected patients. Uncaria tomentosa, better known as cat’s claw, appears to fit the bill. Cat’s claw is a plant indigenous to the Amazon rain forest and other tropical areas of South and Central America. It goes by the Spanish name “uña de gato,” owing to a hook-like thorn that grows along the vine and resembles a cat’s claw. The use of cat’s claw for medicinal purposes dates back at least as far as the Inca civilization, where it was used as an anti-inflammatory, to fight viral infections and to stimulate the immune system. Uncaria tomentosa commonly known as Cat's Claw is a herbal that can be bought as a dietary supplement and is very common and it contains a good amount of Mitraphylline and also has the alkaloids Hirsutine and Rhynchophylline Which is some of the same alkaloids found in Hirsuta and Javanica and Kratom however I don't think Kratom contains Hirsutine but i'm not sure. Uncaria tomentosa / Cat's Claw is "inactive" but has praises for helping with muscle pain, inflammation and other uses.

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