Kunzea Aussie Pain and Stress Relief Essential Oil.Sports injury pain inflammation relaxing.

The essential oil of Kunzea is obtained by steam-distillation of the aerial parts. Its aroma is clean, refreshing and invigorating like a blend combining Pine, Rosemary and Eucalyptus.

Its main chemical components consist of mono and sesqui-terpenes with a balancing and stimulating effect. A typical analysis of the oil would show:

Alpha-pinene (39%)Cineole 1.8 (15%)Globulol (12%)Viridiflorol (9.4%)

Therapeutic applications - An ideal oil for skin disorders

The oil has been found useful for:

Improving skin conditions involving eczema, dermatis rash, undernail infections. leg ulcers and chilblains

Relieving symptoms of influenza

Relieving muscular aches and pain

Promoting repair of soft tissue injuries, such as strains and sprains

Repelling insects

Treating insect bites, cuts, minor burns. Spot application of the neat oil over the injury will procure immediate pain relief

Refreshing the atmosphere of a room

In store in 10ml dropper bottle pure Kunzea essential oil $25.95

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