Myrcene for Relaxation and Pain

Myrcene is a natural organic compound found in the essential oils of several plants. Myrcene is a recognized sedative and analgesic, as part of hops preparations employed to aid sleep in Germany. Furthermore, Myrcene acts as a muscle relaxant and can promote restful sleep through barbiturate sleep potentiation.

Myrcene displays powerful pain relieving properties, along with anti-inflammatory benefits. Myrcene has an amazing property to lower the resistance across the blood brain barrier, allowing itself and many other essential oils to flow into the brain much faster. Myrcene is perhaps the most highly-valued terpene due to its ability to ease symptoms of chronic pain and inflammation.

Myrcene's Effects and Benefits

• Anti-inflammatory • Analgesic (pain relief) • Muscle relaxant

Myrcene is found in a variety of essential oils including hops, lemongrass, basil and rosemary, myrcene comes in high concentrations in mangoes and cannabis.

Myrcene is present in nearly every strain of marijuana. It has an earthy scent of cloves and musk. It’s an important contributor to the infamous “couch-lock” effect of many Indica varieties. Mercene is well-studied and has a wide range of effects.

By reducing the strength of the blood-to-brain barrier, Mercene helps other chemicals to be absorbed by your body, including THC. It’s also a powerful anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, and anti-cancer agent.

Pinene Pinene produces a classic pine scent. It is found in pine trees and other conifers, along with balsa trees and some citrus fruits. It’s a highly reactive terpene and tends to combine with other cannabis terpenes to form new varieties. Pinene is an antiseptic with anti-inflammatory properties and has the ability to reduce airway constriction and loosen mucus. It may also have some anti-cancer properties and has been used for that purpose in Chinese medicine. Limonene Limonene has a distinct citrus scent, making it an important component in many grapefruit varieties of cannabis. Your body absorbs Limonene very quickly, and Limonene even boosts the absorption rate of other types of terpenes. It’s also a very strong anti-microbial and may have use as an anti-cancer agent. Linalool Linalool has been used as an aromatherapy aid for centuries thanks to its classic lavender scent. It has powerful anti-inflammatory effects, especially in lungs that have inhaled smoke. Its anti-inflammation properties are so strong it’s even being studied as an Alzheimer’s treatment. It’s also a powerful immune booster.

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