Synaptolepis kirkii Magic Brain Herb regrows and or repairs nerve cell tissue

Synaptolepis kirkii (Uvuma omhlope) is a bluish shrub with white ceramic roots that are striking. Both the Zulu and Xhosa traditionally use ethnobotanicals such as Synaptolepis kirkii to cause spiritual visions and fantasies.

The origins of this shrub that is Synaptolepis kirkii /AKA

Pure African Dreamroot contain a potent neurotrophic known as kirkinine. Neurotrophins are a family of proteins which cause role and the growth of neurons.

Synaptolepis kirkii will help not only to dream lucidly but to fall asleep peacefully if consumed in the day.

Synaptolepis kirkii (Uvuma omhlope) can take a week until the dream-like effects are noticed.

Synaptolepis kirkii is a plant whose impacts increase with the number of days of usage. Therefore, the fantasy encounter unfolds little by little, night by night, and may persist for months.

Synaptolepis kirkii (Uvuma omhlope) contains a neurotrophin that induces the growth and, the kirkinin function of nerves: it is thought to be a brain tonic!

A small amount of Synaptolepis kirkii root powder is absorbed in the form of a tea, in the morning for the best results, or before bedtime.

Synaptolepis kirkii is also utilized also to and against snakebites treating epilepsy.

Other Benefits:

Synaptolepis kirkii regrows and or repairs nerve cell tissueSynaptolepis kirkii treats brain damage from strokesSynaptolepis kirkii is very good for sleepingRemoves toxins from the bodyRelieves anxietyVision clarityHaving visionary and prophetic dreamsHeart attacksBlunt head traumasHealing paralysis

Origin: South Africa

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