Wild Daggais herb for Euphoria

Updated: Oct 6, 2019

Leonotis leonurus (Wild Dagga) herb.

Leonitis leonurus is also known as Lion's Tail or Wild Dagga.

Wild Daggais

It is a member of the Mint family of plants that is used by the Hottentot

tribesmen to promote euphoria and exuberance when smoked.

The active component in Wild Dagga is leonurine, the same alkaloid that is mildly psychoactive in the similar Leonurus sibiricus (marihuanilla).

Wild Daggais 100% legal. It is all-natural .

Do not drive or operate machinery when under the influence of Wild Dagga.

Also referred to as lion's tail, Leonotis leonurus is better known to cannabists as Wild Dagga, the wild cannabis. The name is certainly promising, but the characteristics don't disappoint either, and are the doorway to a plant related to Cannabis sativa that has a lot in common with its homologue.

Native to South and East Africa, from where it spread throughout the world, the genus Leonotis consists of 48 different plant species.

These were used traditionally by indigenous people including the Zulu and the Bushmen, who utilized them for their rituals and as charms and amulets with the power to keep cobras at bay and to facilitate the healing process in the event of a bite.

As for Leonotis leonorus, Mexican shamans used it to brew their secret potions and smoked it together with other leaves, like that of the tobacco plant. In Central Africa it was used as a relaxing tea, and it was not until the 17th century that it arrived in Europe

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