• ALCHEMX Euphoric
  • what a feeling relaxed mellow crusing happy energetic can still do things

    Highly recommend if you really want to Chill out listen to music even exercise.  All is Good :)

  • 2gms
  • Crackd herbal powder with X  herbs added with exotic herbs from the Amazon with  and wild lettuce syrian rue damiana mugwort challiponga and more

    Strong herbal mixed X  mix







    this is an Xperience. 

  • X Euphoric  herbs


    Blend includes cracked powder XEuphoric herbs wild lettuce, combretum, kanna, marihuanilla, blue lotus,damiana, mexican taragot,  scullcap,  wild dagga, syrian , greater calandine and more ....plus xeuphoric mixed  herbs.




    Recommend.  Yes I like it really great high can still do stuff and can last a while

  • Pretty Happy High :)

Alchemx X Euphoric herbal Cracked mix with xherbs 5gms Blissful

  • Sorry no refund for not getting the desired results

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