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 Bali GOLD  Label powder, 



I just mix with one of the smoke blends and WHOA!


Gold Bali as a Pain Reliever

The Gold Bali  is mainly used to relieve pain. It is especially useful for people with chronic pain as it works better than most off-the-counter drugs. This powder works wonders as it can completely take away the pain within a short period hence allowing the user to be productive and move on without putting up with pain.


Users are however warned that this drug has sedating effects. It is advisable that one starts with a small dose and gradually increases as their body gets used to it. For long-term users, it is impossible to accomplish any task immediately after taking this drug as a result of this effect.


For relief from anxiety

Most people use the gold balikratom for relaxation and relief from anxiety. Most users admit that this kratom made them less tense or nervous.


Energy Booster


The Bali gold label can be used as an energy booster as it stimulates the user’s system making them stay alert and active for longer hours. It is therefore recommended for people who work long hours and would like to remain attentive throughout the entire period. A lot of students use this  to stay focused while studying for long hours.


Cuppa tea

Use: Pour boiling water over 1/4 tsp powder, steep 10 min. Stir & drink or strain & enjoy.  Sweeten to taste. Do not exceed 1000mg (1/2 tsp) per day. Not for daily use.


Specific: Use only under the supervision of a qualified health care practitioner.  Not for use if you are pregnant, nursing or taking medications.
General: We recommend that you consult with a qualified healthcare grinded into fine powder and orally taken ie cup of tea or shot with orange juice Wild harvested | Cultivated without chemicals | 


Bali Gold Label Premium Tea Powder 5gms Energy Focus