Pure Banisteriopsis Harmalinecaapi white vine shredded


Banisteriopsis caapi is one of the great and sacred flora of the world.

It grows throughout the entire Amazon basin (Peru, Columbia, Ecuador, and Brazil).


The use of this liana is deeply rooted in Amazonian mythology and philosophy, and countless plants of diverse families are often associated with it.


The alkaloids harmaline is also present in both B. caapi and syrian rue

The alkaloids in B. caapi act as MAO inhibitors, meaning they inhibit an enzyme, monoamine oxidase, which usually breaks down certain alkaloids before they can pass through the blood-brain barrier and reach the brain.


  In particular, psychoactive tryptamines such as DMT are too delicate to be active orally in normal situations. 


MAOI inhibitors, such as the harmine and harmaline found in B. caapi, prevent the DMT molecules from breaking down, allowing them to enter the brain intact and to produce the pronounced visual, auditory, and physical alterations that lead to the profound experience of the ayahuasca journey.

Therefore, although B. caapi may not be particularly powerful on its own, it becomes invaluable when combined with other plant medicines, facilitating powerful visionary experiences that are much valued by numerous South American cultures.


Ayahuasca is made in the form of a drink or potion.

The main ingredient, B. caapi, is used fresh, and is pulverized and put into a pot over a campfire. 


Most often, P. viridis leaves(Chacruna) in store are added just after the B. caapi, and  the mixture is then boiled all day in the acidic water of the Amazon river.


Much remains to be learned about Banisteriopsis caapi, one of the most fascinating and culturally powerful plants on earth.

Banisteriopsis Caapi Yage Vine shredded 5gms

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