Hemp  - Certified Organic

 infused Radula  

Chopped  seedless hemp

Relaxing and for pain

nice relaxing high

Recommend very surprised with Radula added very hard to find.


Radula Moss and marijuana both produce cannabinoids 

Liverwort has been marketed as a “legal high” for years.


A Japanese phytochemist, Yoshinori Asakawa, discovered a THC-like substance in another liverwort species, Radula perrottetii, as early as 1994, and named the compound “perrottetinene”. Scientists documented the cannabinoid in R. marginata in 2002. Earlier this year, a group of researchers identified the genes in liverwort that enabled the cannabinoid biosynthetic pathway.




Hemp Liverwort RADULA Enhanced Smoothe Mix chopped seedless + Kief 5gms

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