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Leonurus sibiricus is a herbaceous plant native to China, Mongolia and Siberia, though today it can be found throughout America as well.


The plant goes by many names, including siberian motherwort and marihuanilla, “little marijuana”


It is the leaves of marihuanilla that are used for entheogenic purposes. The leaves are smoked either rolled into a cigarette or in a pipe, often mixed with other herbs. Another way to consume marihuanilla is in the form of a tea.


Consumption of marihuanilla smoked or in the form of a tea has relaxing effects. Unlike brews made from most other herbs causing some sort of high, marihuanilla tea is said to taste pleasant.


Leonurus sibiricus has intoxicating effects as well, though the exact reason for this is not known. The plant contains several alkaloids, but exactly which of these accounts for the slight narcotic effects and how is yet unclear.


Marihuanilla is often consumed with other herbs of various effects.


Wild dagga and Banisteriopsis caapi are popular choices, and marihuanilla is also said to mix well with its “big brother”, cannabis.


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