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Mimosa  Hostilis Root Bark Powder 

use a snuff powder or add as mixer to herbal smoke mix


It contains dimethyltryptamine (DMT), the psychedelic rocket fuel of 1960s subculture legend.

There is loads of debate about how much DMT mimosa hostilis contains, but it seems the inner rootbark is higher in DMT than any other plant


mimosa hostilis is orally active without a MAOi, so there is much speculation about the chemical mechanism that makes this possible


5gms Snuff or use as a mixer  make a brew, put into capsules


Used Ryrian Rue 10:1 extract

as a Maoi inhibitor in capsuled method for a

nice DMT space trip. 
10gr Peganum Harmala seeds = 1gr Peganum 10X extract. 

For this recipe I packed into vegetable capsules the Syrian Rue

10x extract

and powdered Mimosa Hostilis (DMT).


First I took the Rue extract and then 45 minutes later the Mimosa.

The trip was amazing and my stomach wasnt feeling dodgy at all.

That Syrian rue extract is perfect for this other way of use purposes and its

great quality. 
Evaluation:  [out of 5 Stars]

Added On: Thursday, 13 October 2016 , Anonymous
I capsuled 400mg and took it first then 50 minutes later took 8gr capsuled Mimosa Hostilis. The trip started after 30 minutes and it was kinda like an Ayahuasca trip. My friend has very sensitive stomach so thats why we took it capsuled

Mimosa 5gms root powder

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