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  • OmNi XEUPHORIC herbal mix
  • 2.5gms
  • 18+

wow wow had the tiniest bit and wow lasts a while very surprised

with the Premium bud the herbal mix and Kanna strength Really blissful  high that lasts awhile..



Herbal crack finely ground 

crack herbal powder mix

Wow nice to taste smooth and great high not too full on with

XEUPHORIC  herbs and Premiumbud exotic and rare herbs including

 Kanna X 100 strength and Tagetes Lucinda 


Calea zacatechichi It has been reported that traditionally the Chontal Indians of Oaxaca made a tea from the dried leaves of this shrub for their effect of producing vivid dreams which are easily recalled upon waking. The Chontal medicine men believe it clarifies the senses and call the plant ‘leaf of god’.


Red Lotus It have beautiful purplish red flowers and is better known as the Red Lotus. Biologically very similar to Blue Lily - Blue Lotus, it still has its own character, its own taste, its own secrets ... Millenial sensory Herb, Lotus is master of clarity, serenity & sensitivity... It open the door to our inner worlds. Water lily was the most sacred herb in ancient Egypt. Egyptian used it as a visionary herb as well as for achieving well-being, euphoria & trance states. They usually smoked the flowers or drink a wine where lotus macerate in it for 2 days. It was also use to make a delicious tea.


The Lotus is linked to the expanding of the superior Spirit. It acts on every plans, encouraging a gentle evolution to the higher potentiel of our Selves. It also have great affinities with the dream states, it frees the spirit of its conditionnings to allow deeper insights & dreams, while alleviating and cheering them up.


Uvuma-omhlope Introduction Synaptolepis kirkii is a bluish-green shrub with white to cream colored roots. The herb has been traditionally used by the Zulu and Xhosa, two large South African tribes, to improve dream recall, to induce spiritual visions, and to help initiate a trance type experience.Constituents'kirkinine', a potent neurotrophic which stimulates the growth of nerve cellsHarvest

Data Origin: Africa

Legal in most states



Highly recommend quite a different state of mind 


WOW OmNi X *Crackd * XEUPHORIC Xherbs *mix 2.5g

  • Sorry no refund for not getting the desired results