Yopo seeds x 15

 seeds very potent

once prepeared snuff the powder - lsd trip

please read xperiences before taking

Alkalizing makes it much stonger


can be sprinkled onto herbal mix and smoked or snuff.



Anadenanthera Peregrina grows in South America and has a long history of use by natives. The seeds are cracked free from the pods and often toasted, crushed and mixed with ash for alkalizing purposes and water.


can use powdered Lime (Calcium hydroxide) for alkalizing

So crushing the dried powder is taken in a bowl and pour some water to make a paste with some of the ingredients along with seeds that are dried. It includes one part of calcinedlime /calcium carbonate powder and one part of baking soda.

So mix all the ingredients and again take a pan to toast all the mixed and paste contents of a bowl and heat it under a low medium flame until the obtained material dries out. Finally consume it  orally, smoke or inhale it through the nose.



Mix 2 parts Yopo with 1 part calcium hydroxide and 1 part baking powder.

Add a few drops of water so that it becomes a doughy mass.

Mix this well and heat slowly until the substance is dry.


Then grind or pulverize again, until you have a fine powder.


The recommended dose is 1-4 seeds per person. If you try this for the first time it is best to start with a low dose, so that you can check how sensitive you are for the substance. It is easiest to blow the powder into each other’s nose, because snorting it does not feel pleasant. Someone who helps you to blow it into your nose will have less difficulty to make you ingest a sufficient amount. Use a straw or a special snorting tube and do not use money.


A snorting tube is the most hygienic method to get the powder into your nose. First try a low dose (the powder of 1 or 2 seeds) to see how you respond. Make sure that there is a sober person with you who can help you with any physical inconveniences.


Dosages of more than 5 seeds are generally experienced as highly uncomfortable.



Know as Yopo, this powder is shot into the nasal passageways via hollow bird bones or bamboo shoots. The participants experience extreme psychedelic visonary states and, in the right context, contact with the spirit realm which includes healing and/or personal insight


Read Xperiences and preparation

yopo seeds(DMT & 5meo both chemicals found in these seeds) put them into a pan put a lid on the pan, put pan on stove turn to a low heat, heat untill they pop like popcorn then take out the insides crush them untill there powder and put them on top of a bowl and smoke it sit back relax and wait for a wicked intense high. smoking yopo seeds has said to be like smoking pure dmt.





Yopo seeds x 15

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